Just a bit about myself, I was 221 lbs and 5'10 at age 40. I rode my bicycle to work 30 miles a day and lifted weights but I over ate. I realized that I was not able to roll around on the floor and play with my kids and that something had to change so I started on a path to reinventing myself. First thing I did was eliminate grains from my diet. I found an old Vince Gironda book for bodybuilders and went all meat and vegetables, eating six times a day in small portions. Tried a lot of other things but eliminating grains has been the mainstay of my diet. I got into Fast-5 intermittent fasting about three years ago and have been able to maintain 170-173lbs now for a couple of years. But I was stuck thereI read your post on paleohacks and got your book back off the shelf. I'm still doing Fast-5 (five hour window in the evening) along with your recommendations for no more than 15-20g protein at a sitting, increasing nuts, avocados, sardines, salmon, etc, and I've dropped TEN POUNDS in three weeks! And I'm never hungry!! I'm at 163 now and could easily lose a few more to get more ripped and muscular than I've ever been in my life. Gary Taubes had said to eat as much meat as you want and cut the carbs down as far as you can. That works for a normal person, but I want to be defined and “ripped". I was actually on ZERO carb for three months but my weight stayed at 170 and I still craved peanut butter and alcohol. Now that I'm on your program, I'm never hungry, have no cravings, and I drink one carefully metered glass of red wine with dinner! J I'm so happy! I can't believe I look so good at 45 years old!

Rick Stewart

I attended a 12 step program --Overeater's Anonymous for a few years because I could not control my excessive eating of starch and sugar, resulting in obesity. As it turned out, no special 12 step program was ever needed. Rosedale explained it most accurately and it proved itself in practice. I made a decision to completely omit starch and sugar by following A list exactly until I experienced all cravings disappear. It was really simple cell and hormonal physiology all along. Simply leave out these foods for 3 or more weeks and the issue of sugar and starch become a NON ISSUE. Put them back into my diet again, and they become all consuming, again a major issue.


In February 2008 I developed a large lump in my breast. I was 61 years old at that time My son insisted that I immediately go onto the Rosedale low carb diet. I did so and by the time I went in for surgery I had lost about 6 kgs. Fortunately the tumor was benign.

I have always had a problem with my weight and have tried many diets all of which were difficult to maintain.

Prior to the diet I suffered from the following:

  • Acute constant heartburn.
  • Regular migraine (from my teens)
  • Back pain.
  • Restless leg at night.
  • Insomnia
  • Hair loss
  • Very bad facial hair (top lip and chin)
  • Extreme tiredness.

I remained strictly on this diet and am pleased to report that I have lost 34kg over this period. All of the above complaints have disappeared. I feel better than I did at 40. My energy levels are fantastic and I am far more active than before. The facial hair has disappeared but I have plenty of new growth on my head.

The one and only time I suffered from heartburn was as a result of eating a sandwich.

It has been very easy for me to maintain this diet. I am never hungry

Lois B. (Mother of Jordi)

Lamberts Bay


Thankfully, I had been in excellent health all my life. I was never very sporty but always quite active, cycling around and walking a lot. Anyone who knew me would describe me as being in reasonably good shape at pretty much any age. At the age of 18 my waist size was 32" and I consistently weighed 172 lbs. I am exactly 6 foot tall. I finished university at the age of 21 at the end of 2001, and these statistics were unchanged.

I first came across Dr Rosedale's work through his article: Insulin, Leptin, Diabetes, and Aging: Not So Strange Bedfellows. At that time I had just celebrated my 28th birthday. His science fascinated me and I immediately got his book, and started following his guidelines closely. This was in January of 2008.

In January of 2008 I had about 6 years of full-time sedentary office work behind me, and had just turned 28. During these first 6 sedentary years staying in shape was a challenge. Unfortunately for me, I had caught onto the prevailing fad that "whole-grains" and "low fat" eating were essential for my health. This notion was and still is popular amongst erudite financial professionals, whose world I had stepped into after university.

Over these 6 years this newfound aversion to fat and focus on carbohydrates coupled with a sedentary office job led me to rapidly gain weight. In no time I systematically weighed in at 185 lbs with a waist size of 34". What makes this all the more remarkable is that for my health, like my colleagues, I had taken up running. So by switching to a low fat / high "healthy" carbohydrate diet and by introducing aerobic exercise into my life I had gained 2" inches on my waist and at least 13 lbs of fat. The good news is that I developed a new skill - I could run 3 miles in 20 mins. The bad news is that had to do so regularly in order not to balloon up !

In January of 2008 I made two simultaneous changes to my lifestyle: Firstly, I changed to eating according to Dr Rosedale's guidelines. Secondly, I stopped running altogether. While I told myself at the time that I liked running, now I look back and laugh at how deluded I was. In reality I think I only liked treadmill & tarmac pounding because it kept me from getting fat and it felt great when it was over !

Within 4 months of going aerobics free and onto Dr Rosedale's diet, my waist went down by 4" to 30" (2" less than when I was a "healthy" & energetic 18 year old !) and my weight went down to 168 lbs. This is not where the tale ends.

This January marks three years on the program for me (which gets easier and easier to follow as your hormones and cooking skills sort themselves out). Today my waist size is still 30". And I now weigh 176 lbs with the best body composition I have ever had - the extra 8+ pounds are free muscle (which required no real exercise) ! In short, Dr Rosedale's diet has:

  • Reduced my waist size to 2" inches below my "physical peak" at 18.
  • Approximately reduced my body fat by 13 lbs and increased my lean muscle mass by about 8 lbs.
  • Virtually eliminated my frequent debilitating migraines.
  • Given me incredible stamina. I now infrequently do the odd longish distance race (5 miles through the mountains in Ireland) and have routinely beat my old best times with no aerobic training at all !

When my wife and I first met (in Nov 2008) she liked me, but was skeptical of my funny eating habits. She is a German born Korean, so both rice and German baking were close to her heart. Nevertheless, as we spent more time together she ate more according to Dr Rosedale's guidelines, purely because that was what I ate. Over this time her weight is down 22 lbs and her body composition has become the stuff Shakespeare wrote poems about ! She is says that Dr Rosedale's diet is her excuse to eat to satiety and to not go to the gym.

Thank you Dr Rosedale. Your appreciation of metabolic momentum was years before its time and has changed many lives for the better.

Jordi Posthumus


Ron Rosedale came into my life pretty casually. Sometime before the holidays in 2004, while surfing channels from my couch, I caught a small part of an interview he was doing with a local news reporter. The part I was interested in related to his work in treating diabetes through diet and his success in getting to the actual disease instead of to the symptoms. His comments about how existing medical approaches did not necessarily focus on the root of the disease but merely the symptoms had my attention since that is how I had felt for years. Although interested, I wasn’t yet curious enough nor convinced that Dr. Rosedale was any different than my then diabetologist for whom the answer was always a different drug or an increased dosage. Yet, I bought his book.

Over the past two years, I had taken daily injections of insulin. Beginning with small doses of Lantus (which “gives you the power to help manage your diabetes with basal insulin that works around the clock with just one shot”) I worked my way up to 125 units per day. At no time during the Lantus injections did my blood sugar come under control or even cease to rise. Next, my doctor switched to Humulin, suggesting that the “power” just might take more that one shot. Two injections each day, finally up to 20-25 units per shot, again with no success in halting the steady rise in blood sugar. With every shot of insulin, I became more and more certain that I would succumb to the disease. I wasn’t sure if it was the diabetes that was killing me or if the increased insulin was pushing me over the edge. I had no energy. I was unable to control my cravings and food was my solace. After all, my doctor told me “we could manage everything with the drugs.”

After meeting with Dr. Rosedale and his staff, I began the program the afternoon of March 1, 2005. My medications at the beginning of the day were Humulin, Tricor and Prinivil. Dr. Rosedale told me to stop the Tricor right away and continue the others watching my blood sugar levels carefully to see if I should reduce the insulin dosage. I had decided that if this was going to work, it was going to work from the very start. Without Dr. Rosedale’s knowledge or instruction, I stopped the insulin that day, as well. After ten years of taking as many as ten pills a day and insulin for the past two years, on March 1, I took one Prinivil tablet plus the Rosedale Supplements designed for dietary health and the control of diabetes.

On the morning of March 2, 2005, my blood sugar reading was 181. I was encouraged because even with the insulin my blood sugar had averaged 213 for the prior three months. On March 3, my morning reading was 152. On March 4, 134. At the end of the first week on the Rosedale Diet, my blood sugar readings were between 131 and 110 for the entire day. The second and third weeks of the program have gone equally well. My blood sugar levels are gradually dropping with morning readings of 125 or lower, a late afternoon reading of 90-110, and a before bedtime reading of 100-125.

During this time, Dr. Rosedale suggested that I take my blood pressure regularly as the diet sometimes causes a lowering of blood pressure along with the other benefits. I was taking the Prinivil as an ACE Inhibitor primarily to protect my kidneys from the long-term effects of the diabetes. An additional benefit of the drug, for me, is that it lowers blood pressure, which is the primary reason most patients take it. On March 15, my blood pressure was 117/75. I stopped the Prinivil. My blood pressure has hovered around 125/85 and seems to be continuing downward, as well.

Oh, and one more thing. On March 1, 2005, I weighed 271 pounds. I will weigh in tomorrow after just four weeks on the program at 248 pounds. In a single month, I have lost 23 pounds. My goal is 210 and I already know that I am going to make it!

To overlook or downplay Dr. Rosedale’s work in the field of nutrition and diabetology would be to miss some very important science and for me, a very important cure.

The first month...

The Rosedale experiences of DH

Dear Dr. Rosedale,

For years I have unwittingly been poisoning my husband with low fat, complex carbohydrate diets, only to see his diabetes get worse, his energy lessen, and his weight increase.

In only two weeks on your wonderful diet, my husband lost nine pounds,lowered his blood sugar from 175 fasting down to 90 fasting, and lost his craving for carbohydrates. He loves what he is eating, and feels great. He told me I had saved his life. But really, it is you who have saved his life. I am astounded, and incredibly grateful.

I have bought copies of the Rosedale diet for my sister, my aunt, my sister in law and my cousin.

Though I am not overweight, and have normal blood sugar, I was surprised at how the Rosedale diet made me feel stronger, and gave me so much more energy.

By the way, your writing style is delightful. I love the way you have presented the science behind the diet, clearly and comprehensively. You have opened my eyes to how things "really work" metabolically.

I recommend your book to anyone who will listen.

Sincerely, and with a full heart

Ms T

Face book

Just a thank you for Dr. Rosedale for my health, and to Brandon for his contribution for the website and this facebook group. I have been doing the diet since Jan 2008. I have lost 105 pounds and my blood sugars have dropped from 525 to normal with no medications. My A1C went from 14 to 5.6. If anyone has any doubt that this diet works, just give it an honest try. You will be amazed that you CAN give up bread, potatoes and fast food. You will experience something that you have either never experienced or haven't experienced for a long time.......being normal. Thanks Dr. Rosedale for standing almost alone to teach this.

William Guin wrote
at 3:14pm on March 8th, 2009

My boss's cardiologist suggested this book so he bought a copy for the employees, but this is about a friend of mine who has been on the Rosedale diet for a short time now. I am a skeptic when it comes to things of this nature, so I decided to see how he fared. He has lost tons of weight, his energy level is through the roof, his appetite is under control and he even looks younger. He suffers from heart trouble and his cardiologist is amazed with his progress, as he is off all heart meds. Based on this experience, I have started the diet and recommend it to anyone that is serious about losing weight and curbing their appetite.

Joseph Lieberfreund
Perth, Australia

High blood pressure/heart/weight loss

I have to just write a quick note about the Rosedale diet. A year ago, I sent my dad, 65 to see Rosedale speak and do some tests on my dad (he had high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate). My father (and since then, at least 7 of his friends) have went on the Rosedale diet and now he no longer takes high blood pressure medicine, has lost 33 pounds and walks 5 miles twice a day. I have to say, if I did not see it myself, I would be skeptical. I myself am embarking on the rosedale plan, and can only hope that I am just as successful.


I have taken your supplements for some time now. Look forward to being able to obtain your new range of supplements.I have gotten many people to buy your book and follow the eating plan. Those who are diabetic all show remarkable results and stabilized blood sugars. Smiles on their faces.Terrific work! Keep it up - many whom you do not even know are indebted to you more than you can imagine.

B. Myers

I'm newly 48 right now. 5 years ago I underwent kidney surgery for a massive calcium based kidney stone that shut down my left kidney. Prior to surgery my blood numbers were all decent. After surgery I found myself diagnosed with high blood pressure, with type II diabetes, and I went through sudden onset menopause without the "peri" part. In the years since then, blood tests and various scans have also showed early onset osteoporosis, continued high calcium levels in my urine, and a growth on my adrenal gland. I found Rosedale's medical conference speeches online, followed by his web site and then his book. Reading his words was like finding a spot on a life raft after going down with the Titanic. In following his research and checking his claims against respected sources such as Harvard Medical Research, I began to realize just how obviously right-on Rosedale's take on health really is. I adopted his basic guidelines slowly cutting pasta, then rice, then bread (except sprouted grain bread), and so on. It took about 2 months to get myself into the Rosedale habit, complete with stocked refrigerator and more holistic sources for food purchases. In a matter of weeks I reversed my blood sugar levels down to nearly normal, increased my energy level, lowered my pain level significantly, and lost 32 lbs. I wish I could meet with Dr. Rosedale. His research is saving my life.

Meg Poche

My name's Erin, I'm 31. I've never been a couch-potato, or someone who lives off of fast food, I've just always been big all over; my body clings to the extra weight. I've yo-yo'd back an forth since my teens, and last year I visited a private metabolism doctor (aka, not covered by insurance) who has been incredibly helpful. In addition to putting me on thyroid (my primary care doctor insisted my bottom-of-the-normal-range number was perfectly fine), iodine (my p.c.d. never even checked that, and now I know the full importance of it, and mine was lower then what's healthy for an infant), Cortisol, Vitamin D, and a BUNCH of other supplements, she also recently recommended the Rosedale Diet (with some berries other fruit occasionally thrown in). I've been following Rosedale for 2.5 months and have lost about 15 pounds. All together I'm down 40 pounds, with about another 40-50 to go. I'm finding it relatively easy to stick too, and love snacking on avocado. I probably eat more dairy then he'd like - Ralph's Low Carb Yogurt is my best friend - but it's working. So much better then Atkins ever did, or WW, or just counting calories.

But the real purpose of this e-mail is about my mom. She joined me on the diet back in July and has lost about 25 pounds. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and has been on pill medication ever since. At the time her doctor recommended South Beach, but she didn't stick to it much. Rosedale has been wonderful for her! In fact, she actually had to eat a candy bar the other day because her blood sugar tested at 57 (on medication)! While that's far too low - it's a testimony as to how well this diet will bring blood sugar back to normal.

She had her doctors visit today to review her recent lab work. Since her doctors appointment 3 months ago her blood glucose levels have fallen from 7.1 to 6.3. Normal levels for a non-diabetic are supposed to be in the low 6's! He hasn't taken her off her medication yet, or cut it back, but he was so happy with the results and he suspects she may be off them come January. And if she keeps getting such low blood-sugar readings when she tests twice daily, he'll likely cut back her meds. (Because she's only been following the plan for 2 months, he wants to make sure she's gonna stick with it before he changes her meds.)

So that's my encouraging news. I hope everyone else is doing well with this way of eating, but if you are struggling, take heart and know that this will assuredly create positive change on the inside and out. Now, time to make some chicken salad with Olive Oil Mayo. :-)

P.S. To chime in on one of the other topics - cheat days keep me going. I fully believe in one cheat day (more like a cheat meal or cheat desert) once-twice a week. Knowing I can eat some popcorn at the movie theater provided I make right choices at dinner keeps me sane, and from binging on junk in moments of weakness.

Erin and my mom Candy

I've been following the Rosedale diet since late 2005. I started doing other low carb diets in 2003 and lost about 30 lbs or so. However, I did not feel well and got weaker and weaker. As I lost weight, the Tanita scale showed I was losing lean muscle and not fat. Not a good thing. I had all sorts of meds I was taking. I suffered from depression that meds couldn't address. High blood pressure that meds couldn't control.I was having serious memory problems. I became partially incontinent. My diabetes didn't improve because my fasting blood sugars (12 hr fasts in the morning) were over 200. I felt terrible even though I was losing weight. In November 2005, I read an article written by Dr. Rosedale. His diet is based on not only losing weight but also regaining health. It made sense to me. I began the diet, stopped taking the statin drug, Lipitor, because of what I read about statins and started taking cod liver oil. In one week, I was no longer depressed! That was the most immediate and profound improvement since making these changes. Later on, I bought some of the supplements Rosedale recommends and still take some of them to this day. I pick the ones that are more effective for my medical issues. About six months into the Rosedale diet, I had more blood tests done and these all showed health improvements.
- A1C went from 7.9 to 6.4
- HDL (good cholesterol) went from 41 to 64
- Triglycerides went from a high of 313 to 100-120
- I got off blood pressure meds, depression meds and meds for incontinence.
- I reduced my diabetes meds from none needed on some days to less on other days.

Female Upstate New York
January 2009 Aged 60


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well to make a long story short: I had type 2 diabetes and weighed 173lbs. at a height of 5 feet and 64 years of age. I tried every diet and exercise in the world. I can't even remember how I came onto Dr.Rosedale's book but when I saw it, I just had this feeling that this was the one diet that would work because it made sense to me. Well, a year later I am at 136(from a size 16+ to a size 8 petite) and my count is 104 fasting from 128 and 5.7 from 6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am still working to get it down further.


Rosedale is a god send. It is the easiest and most effective diet I have ever been on. I have fully converted my life around this diet. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, gout and type II diabetes before I found Rosedale. A commitment to Rosedale, 3 months and 30 pounds later, I re-took a blood test and they were so radically different that the nurse thought they had a different patient

jake on 03/06/08

I started Rosedale in an effort to control my type II diabetes. I didn't need to lose weight but my blood sugar was way out of control. I was trying to follow the diabetic diet plan my nutritionist had given me, but I was hungry all the time and I had to exercise an hour every day plus take a combination of two medications. It still wasn't working. When my doctor prescribed a third med. I decided to try something else [enter Dr. Rosedale.] Within three weeks I discontinued all my medications, and three months later the results of my blood tests where nothing short of miraculous. I have now been following the diet for over 4 years. I recommend it to everyone with type 2 diabetes having trouble controlling blood sugar

Chip on 03/29/08

I started the Rosedale diet on 1 March as a last resort. My type II diabetes was out of control and my insulin doses just kept increasing along with my weight. I have lost 15 lbs so far and feel so much more alert and energetic. I never have cravings for breads and sugar like before. Most of all, my blood sugars have gone down so much that I rarely need insulin to bring it down. This diet has saved my life.

Bev on 04/17/08

Weight / Fat loss

Dear Dr Rosedale, Thank you for your wonderful way of life. I always had a problem keeping my weight on, so unlike most people it seems they want to lose weight, I needed to gain some weight. Through your way of eating, and lots of healthy fats my body finally feels like it is in balance. I have gained lean mass for sure and feel so much stronger and heathier. I have tried so many different things over the years, from raw, to vegan, which only made me weaker and skinnier they were truly unhealthy long term options for me. It has been 2 years now and I do feel that you have saved my life. With much gratitute to all you do Dr Rosedale, thank you with all my heart.


I was 280lbs at 5'8. I started the rosedale diet in July of '05 and by Christmas I had lost 90lbs! I went from a size 28 to a 14! I have tried every other diet. You lose this weight in a better way for your body. It also comes off in a better way. When I had tried the atkins and went from 270 to 210 I was not pleased, I still looked heavy. This time when I was at the 270 mark and got to 210, I looked very different in a great way. Even though I'm 190 lbs, people think I weigh 140! The only exercise I ever did (and was not religious about it) was walk on the treadmill, for a total of 1hr a day, at the most 5 days a week. If I could spread the word faster, I would.

Christine on 04/18/06

I started Rosedale in March 2005 and have lost 90 pounds and achieved my goal weight for the first time in my life! I don't even look like the same person! My husband calls me his girlfriend. I found the Rosedale diet to be easy to follow and I got to eat many of my favorite foods. I ate when I was hungry, walked on the treadmill 3-4 times a week and the weight just kept coming off. I have been overweight all of my life (I'm 41) and this is the first time I've been a "normal" weight. I'm having the time of my life and recommend the Rosedale diet to everyone who wants to lose weight.

Sandy on 06/16/06

I've been following the Rosedale regimen for over 2 years now and it is definitely do-able long term. I look and feel like a totally different person (which is saying something at age 53). It is also a relief to be able to jazz my metabolism by taking an enjoyable walk instead of being a slave to the gym (been there done that!).


I love the Rosedale diet it has changed my life forever thanks to the Lord for leading me to this healthy lifestyle way of eating, I have been on this for over a year, it will be 2 years in Nov. of 07 and this is the only way of eating for the world today, I have never cheated with this way of eating and I have lost over 80 pounds,


I have been on the diet six months. I do feel more energetic. I wake up feeling more alert and better rested. I nap very rarley and seldom feel that I need to. I simultaneously overcame my sleep apnea know it sounds odd, but it is a recommended therapy. I learned how to play the Didgereedoo. I have become skilled at "circular breathing". That combined with the weight loss allows me to sleep much better. Sleep is so essential to good health. I have lost 90+ pounds. At one point I lost 4 pounds a week for 20 weeks. The easiest 80 pounds I ever lost. Thanks to Ron Rosedale for the education. I will confess to being a starch lover. A few big adjustments for me

Ron (not the Dr.)