Rosedale in The Times of India

Get off insulin if you are a diabetic. Got a heart problem? Don't starve yourself of cholesterol. If you are obese, cutting down on fat won't solve the issue... Crazy as these statements may seem, American nutrition and metabolic medicine expert Ron Rosedale swears by them.

Addressing the Ficci Ladies Organization in the city on Thursday, the anti-aging specialist, said: "Pumping insulin will not help control sugar. Instead it will create a craving that will ultimately kill you. Take away cholesterol and there will be no life because all living cells have cholesterol. Fat is the primary source of fuel for the body. If your body is starved of fat, the system burns sugar. Health, well-being and longevity are determined by fat versus sugar one burns during a lifetime. Burn fat and it ius healthy. Burn sugar and it will lead to illness."

The first thing Rosedale recommends to patients is to get off medicine because he firmly belives the body does not need any of them. "When you get cold or fever, please don't have a pill to supress them. They are means by which is your body is getting cleansed. By checking them, you are reversing an evolution process of over 4 billion years," he said.