Letter to the editor, published in the New York Times regarding the ACCORD study

To the Editor:

Re 'Study Undercuts Diabetes Theory' (front page, Feb. 7):

[ACCORD study halted; greatly increased mortality in those receiving more medications even though blood glucose better controlled.]

To the Editor:

The results of the Accord study are not surprising. Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar; it is a disease of faulty hormonal signaling, particularly insulin and leptin.

The increased mortality seen in the diabetics in this study is not from lowering the sugar, but from the treatment that neglects and often worsens the underlying cause of insulin resistance.

Until medical 'science' begins to recognize the difference between symptoms and disease we will continue to see results such as this and the recent Vytorin (Enhance) cholesterol-lowering study, where the treatment itself becomes the disease.

Ron Rosedale Denver, Feb. 9, 2008

The writer is a medical doctor.