The human body is not a single being, but a vast and beautiful community; a living republic of cells and bacteria, all working in harmony towards the continued survival of the being we call you. Aging, health, and longevity are all dependant on the accurate and effective communication between the different parts of the body; the harmonious unification of the universe inside each of us. Through his program, Dr. Rosedale aims to improve that communication; to recruit 20 trillion separate cells and bring them together to function as a whole.

Inside each one of us lies the proper information for perfect health and internal harmony, yet people are getting sicker. Diabetes and heart disease is increasing at an alarming rate and a huge selection of ineffective and potentially harmful drugs are being prescribed at an all-time high. Why? Are our genes any worse off than they were a generation ago? Are our doctors less educated? Our lifestyles less active? The answer is no. The root of the problem lies in the breakdown in the communication within; a disruption in the harmony and unity between the 20 trillion cells that make up you.

The Rosedale Diet

Diet programA disease is never a disease of the individual part. Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, osteoporosis is not a disease of calcium and heart disease is NOT a disease of cholesterol. A disease is caused not by the breakdown of the part itself, but interference in the instructions to that part, a disruption in the unity of the whole.

The key to unlocking health, slowing down aging, reversing debilitating ailments such as diabetes and heart disease and increasing overall longevity is to improve the strength and accuracy of that information. Through our program, we aim to improve this communication and uncover the happy and healthy person within
us all.